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:: The story of Anjlee and Shan
Same as the previous one but for a different client! :) Special book for an special gift...

:: La historia de Anjlee y Shan
¡Cuento como el anterior pero para un cliente diferente! :) Un libro especial para un regalo especial...
And so they were married with an elephant ride,
and they became the ideal husband and bride.
But once again, things weren't just right.
They thought, "Maybe we need to reach new heights".
Anjlee's birthdays came and went
she became a young woman and to law school she was sent.
Although she was happy; something was missing.
"I wish I knew what it was", she was wishing.
Then, one night when she was studying with tension
she noticed a small mouse, I should mention
and that's when this very strange thing took place.
It started to speak with its funny little face!
Then poof! down came a baby from the bright blue sky,
in the arm of his parents, he started to cry.
"Happy at last", said his new parents together.
"Don't cry little one, you're in good hands forever!"