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:: The story of Neha and Imran
Same as the previous one but for a different client! :) Special book for an special gift...

:: La historia de Neha e Imran
¡Igual que el anterior pero para un cliente diferente! :) Un libro especial para un regalo especial...
Their dream came true on a June day, they wed as husband and wife.
Two faiths honoring their love together, a start of a shared new life.
That day both families united together
celebrating a love that would last forever.
Patient Neha and Imran learnt to sit tight
as it was not until the time was perfectly right.
Down came an Aries baby from the bright blue sky.
In the arms of her parents baby Reina started to cry.
Soon after, Imran knew the time was right
to ask for Neha's hand in marriage... for her to be his wife.
Under the stars he went, down onto one knee,
he found the courage to ask her:
"Neha, will you marry me?".
Neha said "Yes!" to her prince-to-be.
Far away in the world lived a little boy called Imran.
He had a big imagination!
With action figures and transformers he'd play with, noon and day.
To him they came alive; to him they'd often fight.