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Aina Fonolleras Villegas
+34 656 41 73 03

Esporles - Illes Balears (Spain)

Born in Barcelona in 1982, though just two months after that my parents moved to the island of Mallorca. Lived there for many years, in Frankfurt and Madrid as well, and in between travelled a lot around Asia and South America. Now I'm back in Mallorca.

I studied Computer Engineering at University, postgraduated in 3D Animation, and some years later I took an Illustration master and Graphic and Web Design studies at the Arteneo Arts School in Madrid.

In my paintings I try to give expression to my experiences, my dreams, what I see and feel in my life... I get the inspiration from my journeys around the world, from the different cultures and their myths, from my dreams, from the people I meet and their stories, from the nature, from the plants...

Other of my interests are nature, yoga, science, philosophy, anime, comics, all forms of art, music, the sea, the sun, a simply life...

Niketa Sheth, Urvi Shah, Davide Caffi, Barry Celestine, Katherine Cherbas, Krishna Raman, Jcd, Victoria Rydstrand, Bela Mehta, Manjaria magazine, Sun Microsystems, RESAD, my mom...
Finalist in the Art Jove Cooperart 2011 Award (Illes Balears, Spain)
Finalist in the "La Punta del Llapis Illustration Award 2010" from the Balearic Islands
2011: exhibition at Bar Rita (Mallorca, Spain)
2010: exhibition and illustration workshops at Bang Big Festival (Mallorca, Spain)

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