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:: What are Master Plants?

Master Plants, sacred plants, plants of power, vision, light, wisdom, entheogenics... They receive many names, but they all refer to the same vegetal beings who help and guide us in our search for healing and awakening. They help us to reach other existence levels, where we can find light and knowledge to keep on going and evolving in this marvellous adventure called Life.

They lead us to a altered level of consciousness where we can look inside or outside ourselves with a different perspective, to find answers, find our way, heal wounds, gather more knowledge about ourselves and about the world around us, understand better our spiritual essence...

The Plants are modest travel partners, another tool we have to be aware of the Sacredness of our lives and the world where we live. They offer Divine experiences, wisdom and knowledge we need to make a new step in our path.

There're two different approaches: a punctual session or a diet (see below), which is a retreat in the jungle of at least one week, to clean body and mind and get deep results. Both types of work are done in Peru, guided by one of the Maestros Curanderos more important and recognized in all the Peruvian Amazon.

Because as with any powerful tool, this one must be used with respect and deep knowledge. This kind of works can only be taken under the guidance of a Master with deep knowledge and experience using the plants.

:: Plantas Medicinales

No todas las plantas del reino vegetal se consideran enteógenas, pero son igualmente potentes y accesibles herramientas de curación frente a las enfermedades tanto del cuerpo como del alma. Crecen a nuestro lado, en nuestros bosques, caminos, carreteras... nos ofrecen su medicina y su conocimiento sin esperar nada a cambio.

Cada región tiene sus plantas, árboles y flores particulares, crecen en un lugar u otro dependiendo de las necesidades de las personas que habitan ese lugar. Muchas veces buscamos plantas venidas de países lejanos y exóticos, cuando a nuestro lado puede estar creciendo humildemente una planta de igual poder sanador.

Pero la combinación de trabajos con Plantas Medicinales y Plantas Maestras es una de las herramientas más poderosas de sanación y conocimiento de las que dispone el ser humano. Es lo que en la Medicina Tradicional Amazónica se denomina la dieta.

:: What is a diet with medicinal plants?

The amazon diet is the most powerful treatment inside the traditional Peruvian medicine, and it's done in specialized centers inside the jungle, guided by Masters with big knowledge about the plants and their usages.

It's a retreat during which each participant is accomodated in a simple hut in contact with Nature, to rest and clean both body and mind. During the retreat, each participant will also take a medicinal plants preparation according to his special needs. Plants are the ones who help us recover our balance and armony in a holistic approach.

To help the cleansing of our organism, meals during the diet will be without salt, sugar, no red meat, spcies or other harmfuk substances for our bodies.

The specific plants to be taken will be determined in a personal interview on arrival to the center. Also during the diet, voluntary deepening works with Master Plants will be offered.

Duration will be according to each person's availability, though it's recommended a minimum of a week, to let the body rest and clean, and let the plants work in a deep level.

Soon we will be organizing a group to go to diet in the jungle, meeting in Madrid or directly in Perú. The diets will be held in the center of one of the most important and experienced Maestro Vegetalista in all the Peruvian Amazon, in a special and magic location in the heart of the jungle. Spanish, English and French are spoken.

If you want more information, send a message to and I'll keep you informed.

:: My path with Master Plants

Master Plants appeared in my life some years ago, in a moment where I needed light and guidance to keep on going. I've always been very fortunate, and I also was at that time, because my first experience with Plants was with perhaps the greatest masters I could have found in my surroundings; a persons full of unconditional love and knowledge, to whom I'll be always grateful.

My first diet was also with them, till I felt the calling from Peru, and I decided to take a journey to the heart of the jungle to meet the Masters of my own Masters. I knew that was my path, and I wanted to meet the Mother who was helping me so much in her source and home. Connection with Plants was deep and intense there, they helped me putting order in my life and to heal many things that were blocking my moving forward. I started receiving my own icaros and to be aware of the power and knowledge I was also receiving. I started singing and to feel the healing effect of my voice on myself and on the people around me.

From then, I've kept on doing diets and going forward on my learning and my evolution as a person. I don't know where this path will take me, but I know it's a gift I shall offer and share with those interested.